She's The Queen

One of my all time favourite spices is Cardamom. Ancient Egyptians used it over 4000 years ago for its flavour and medicinal properties, and now I use it in my Cinnamon Almond Darl Bars for its delicious properties.  

It’s referred to as The Queen of Spices for good reason – it has an enormous amount of health benefits from digestive health, glowing skin and hair, fights asthma and even known to be an aphrodisiac.

I only use organic green cardamom which I source from Andrew at Santos Organics in Byron Bay. It has a floral, delicate flavour that’s not quite sweet but not quite savoury. The flavour is so unique that I can’t even find the right words to describe it. You’ll just have to taste the Cinnamon Almond Darl Bars and find out for yourself.